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and satisfied, not 'elf-satisfied but satisfied with your life. >> you say that, but do you see that in action? >> in some cases, yes. >> i think that is the one thing 100-year-olds have in common, the one thing that they have in common, they do have a sense that there is a time and place for things and feel a sense of accomplishment. do they have a positive titude? >> they have a positive attitude. the less of these three things isolation, depression and hostility, and they have a feeling that things should be still -- goals, they set up goals for themselves even in their 90's. >> are they ochts mystic? >> yes. optimism is a very big part of it as well. >> some of them smokers an some of them non-smokers? >> most of them are non-smokers. unfortunately, there are vom people who can smoke into their 90's and they are okay. i'm always bothered by that because i think other people might think that is an indicator they can smoke. i think it is a genetic thing. we have genes. we can't deny the genetic disposition. long-lived people have children who live longs. >> are there drinkers and non-drinker
think he's drawing from the tradition of the horror movie, i think he's drawing from the action adventure movies, there's all sorts of sources that we see here. >> let me give you a real question here on what image may be emerging. some viewers have said that the brutalization of death and jesus leave, for revenge, could we say the new image of jesus as the savior, demands or at least inspires venn jennings, we feel victims of the terrorists of 9/11 and 311 and want revenge, we see jesus as another innocent and he's brute alized and have this feeling of revenge, is that at work here? >> i think absolutely. one part might have book is these track things in the united states and the key one we're in now is the post-911 era of war in iraq, war in afghanistan and it's not surprising to me that have a revisiting here of this more teddy roosevelt culture. >> we've got 20 seconds left and that's all. do you want to make a closing comment and i'll call on you for about 10 seconds. david. >> i think -- i do think the film is antisemitic in the sense that it does any more than any other j
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2